1/ Price estimate

The real estate Eugster assists you in determining the market value of your property and offers you a free evaluation.


Setting the right price remains the key to the success of the transaction. A property whose price has been overvalued will stagnate on the market for months and lose its attractiveness (we speak of “burned” property). The seller will then have to lower his price to sell it below the market value.
Our long experience in the particular market of Verbier gives us the chance to advise you at best.

2/ Brokerage contract

Here are the different contracts we offer:


Exclusive mandate
The seller entrusts the sale of his property in exclusivity to Eugster real estate agency.


Non-exclusive mandate
The seller entrusts the sale of his property to several agencies.


Coordination mandate with piloting
The seller entrusts the sale to a pilot agency which will be responsible for distribution to various contacts of his choice, in particular to members of the AGIV. The agency coordinates visits and eventual reservations.

3/ Preparation of a sale brochure

The preparation of a good sale brochure, with well-written texts, quality photos and reworked plans will highlight your property by presenting it in an attractive manner.


The quality of photos is very important to us. In order to differentiate ourselves from the competition, we have equipped ourselves with professional photographic equipment and use HDR software that combines 9 photos at different exhibitions. This process improves the brightness to get closer to human visual perception.


A virtual tour with HDR 360° photos is also prepared and made available to buyers.

4/ Internet publication

To market your property on internet and social networks is now essential for rapid success.


In addition to the website you are currently viewing, we publish your property on a large number of websites in Switzerland using a turnover (Immobilier.ch, Comparis, ProperstarBazzile, …) but also abroad with Listglobally or Verbinet for example.

Sale to foreigners

If you have owned your property for more than 5 years, we can sell it to foreign buyers.
See the summary of rules about sale to foreigners below.

Sale to foreigners

Capital gains tax on property

In case of resale, a tax on the added value is due.


The added value represents the difference between the selling price and the purchase price plus the cost of any work that increases your home’s value.
Costs of any work that increases your home’s value: purchase transaction fees, sale commission, transformation costs and other long-term improvements that increase the value of the property, etc.


The tax rate varies according to the length of possession. It is calculated in slices. See current tax rates below.

Tax rate

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